For information on Zone54, we have answers available for the most frequently asked questions on how to use our site, benefits, features and things you should know. Please select from the list below:
online dating site faq

1) How do I register my profile with Zone54?

Join Zone54 for FREE here and fill in all the relevant detail, ensuring you have completed fields marked with an asterisk. Please make sure to check your email account for the activation link and add www.Zone54.com.au to your safelist. During profile editing please note that contact information like email, phone numbers and other related detail is not permitted and will be declined approval.

2) How do I contact someone if I'm a regular member?

As a regular member, you have a few options at your disposal. We have a Wink Message system whereby you may send one of a number of pre-worded messages to someone else to indicate your interest in them. This takes the heat off you with trying to think of what to say to someone new. That member also has the opportunity to reply for free with a wink message back to you. This service is free for all members.

3) Why should I upgrade my account and what are the benefits?

Upgrading your account means you may open contact with another member with private messaging in your very own words. You may purchase an upgrade package of 1, 5, 10 or 20 or 40 contact credits. Once you purhase contact credits you may compose a message to someone in your own words and are then able to exchange contact details at any time. Once you spend a contact credit to write to this member, you have unlimited, permanent contact with that person. As an upgraded member, you also have access to our chatroom feature. Once you spend a contact credit by writing to a member you may open a chat room conversation with that member and chat with them for as long as you like. *NEW*:  Also, upgraded members get FREE sms alert credits as a bonus to their upgrade so they can be notified by phone the moment they receive or send messages!

4) What Options Are Available To Me To Contact People?

Join Zone54 online dating site
(Our video chat and video profile feature is coming very soon). You may purchase contact credits in several different categories:

- 4 Contact Credit Package - $35. 

Contact 4 different people. You have 3 months till expiry. You get 30 FREE SMS alert credits worth $15!

- 8 Contact Credit Package - $45.

Contact 8 different people. You have 5 months till expiry. You get 50 FREE SMS alert credits worth $25!

- 16 Contact Credit Package - $75.

Contact 20 different members. You have 7 months till expiry. You get 80 FREE SMS alert credits worth $40!

- Gold Membership (Best Value!) - $165/Year.

Get 40 contact credits and 130 SMS alert credits worth $65! Contact & SMS credits valid for 1 year.

- Premium Membership $12/month

Get 1 contact credit per month valid for 30 days. Further contact credits you buy have double the expiry time of regular member's contact credits. For example, 4 contact credit pack lasts 6 months, 8 contact credit pack lasts 10 months, 16 contact credit pack lasts 14 months. (See above). If you're not already a member, you can simply join by filling the form out to the right!

- SMS Credit Packages - 10 & 30 credits:

Want to stay up to date with your friends, real time? Now Zone54 has SMS alerts! You can be notified immediately to your mobile phone when someone sends you a new mail message. You can also use these credits to send an SMS message with your outgoing mail. SMS messages are prepaid as a credit system. You can prepay for 10 credits, this will cost you $5.50 (0.55c each sms) Or you can prepay for 30 credits which are $15 (0.50c each). 

You get 1 FREE contact credit upon referring 3 members who join. See Q11 for details.

5) Why do you have contact credits and how do I use them?

We have found through experience that as with many dating sites, paying by the month for membership is very inefficient. Members are bombarded with messages from other members trying to get hundreds of emails out before their month is up. In contrast, the Zone54 model is unique. We give you complete user flexibility and control. You decide exactly who to contact and when - Without pressure. Because of our high value contact credits, you pay only for emails sent instead of time - In return, your member contacts will be more sincere, are more likely to personally address you and are only spending a contact credit with someone they feel is best suited to them.

6) How do I view pictures only available to friends of a member?

With Zone54 we are a fully customised experience. The 'friends' system enables other members to view a person's profile pictures if they are hidden. If you want to view 'friends' protected profile pictures on a person's profile page select 'add to friends'. You may also send a wink message requesting to see that member's pictures if you like. That member will be notified that you wish to be accepted as a friend and they have the option to approve or disapprove your friendship. If they accept, they make their pictures visible to you, as long as the pictures aren't also password protected, or if they are they would also need to send you the password.

7) How do I hide my pictures from everyone except members of my choice?

No problem. There are two ways to do this. First, you may simply use our password system. Go to Pictures >> Edit album. You have the choice to enter an album password here which will restrict viewing of your uploaded pictures only to people you give your password to. However this won't hide your main profile picture. To hide your main profile picture, click the 'Change main photo' link and select the checkbox 'Hide main photo to everyone'. Second, You may instead just set your 'friends' system to show your extra pictures only to friends of your choice. Go to settings >> privacy >> 'Who can view my pictures?' - You have 2 options - 'Everyone' and 'friends'. Select 'friends' from the drop down list and then submit. To hide your main picture you would need to select it from the change photo page on friends only mode too.

8) Do you have any useful information about dating for new members?

9) How do I search for someone by username, online now or pictures only?

Select the advanced search option from within the search menu. You have to register a Zone54 profile and be signed in to use the advanced search feature. If you're a website visitor you may still search singles.

10) How can I use the chatroom?

The chatroom is a service available to upgraded members. Once you spend a credit to contact someone, you will be able to have unlimited chat contact with that member also, even if they are a regular member.

11) What if I tell my friends about Zone54? Do I get some credit?

We recognise that all good businesses require growth and a key element of an effective singles site is to have many quality members. That is why we will reward you with one FREE contact credit if you invite friends here where you will be given an option to email your friends about us. They will be given a referral link to join, thus crediting you with a friend referral. When three of your friends have joined, your account will be credited a free contact bonus. Only 1 member account per household is permitted and your IP and email address is recorded.

12) What if I met someone and want to hide or even delete my profile?

No worries. Hiding your profile will put it on 'hold' and hide you from appearing in favourites or searches in case you are currently in contact with a member or you go on holiday. Sign into your account and navigate to settings >> privacy >> 'Who can view my profile?' and select 'Nobody - hide profile'. Please note the expiry dates of any stamps you hold will not be extended. If you wish to delete your account, go to settings >> 'delete account'. You will be prompted to confirm this step.

13) How do I contact you for further information?

You can Contact Zone54 by email here for more information.


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